Your defense against dirt"         

EQ Solutions are specially formulated all-natural horse, cattle, and livestock products that are completely Non-Toxic and Readily Biodegrade in less than 28 days. Derived from plant esters, the product is attracted to soils comprised of proteins, sugars and fats which accumulate on the skin/coat as well as your equipment and simply releases them from the surface allowing them to dissolve in the rinse water. The products rinse completely leaving a clean, soft, shining coat. No more soapy/sticky residue normally associated with salt or petroleum based shampoos that can cause dry flaky skin.                                                      


Not only are these products effective, they simplify the cleaning process. You'll clean your animals completely in 3-5 minutes without any scrubbing or using buckets and brushes. You'll save money and trips to the cleaners or car wash to clean your pads, boots and cinches, etc. and they will all be softer as well. Your animals will feel better and so will you! 

Changing the way you clean your animals and equipment!

Foaming Tool
Manufactured to industrial standards, this heavy-duty foaming
tool features
a timesaving quick-release rinsing nozzle that attaches to any garden hose.

Simply pour full strength solution into the dispenser bottle, attach the trigger

nozzle, turn on the water supply and apply. Effortlessly controls the dilution

rate for you and dispenses the solution as a foam, allowing it to remain on
the surface longer, thereby maximizing its effectiveness.

Backed by a one-year warranty.


Bathe your animals..…Wash your trailer.....Clean your tack....

In just minutes, without scrubbing!

Derived from plant esters, EQ Solutions are naturally attracted to the proteins, sugars and fats that comprise dirt and grime. As soon as EQ Solutions are applied to your animal's coat or on your trailer's surface, their ingredients rapidly begin to break down these basic soil components. Dust and grime rinse away in mere minutes from the time you apply EQ Solutions - no scrubbing, no buckets, and no hassle. All natural, detergent-free, with no harsh salts or petroleum products, EQ Solutions are the answer for all your cleaning needs!

• Safe and effective
• Quick and convenient
• Non-toxic and non-corrosive
• Leaves no residues to irritate sensitive skin or dull shiny finishes
• Derived from natural plant esters
• Readily biodegradable (less than 28 days)

Great for your animals, your equipment, the environment and your busy schedule too! Spray on, rinse off. What could be easier?

EQ is the #1 Solution
for all your cleaning needs!
Bathing your animals...

EQ Body Wash
Provides unmatched cleaning results on horses, cattle and other short coated animals - no scrubbing required! Apply with the
EQ Foaming Tool, wait 5 minutes, rinse and watch the dirt run off! Contains no salt or harsh petroleum products to dry out or irritate skin. Leaves the coat shiny, soft and velvety smooth, eliminating the need for expensive conditioners or shine enhancing products. Because EQ Body Wash removes the food sources and odors that attract mites and dwelling insects and feed fungus, you should also see a reduction in these problems after use of EQ Body Wash. Just 2 ounces of solution will wash one horse or bovine.

32 oz w/Foamer  $12.95                                         1 gal.     $  29.95                   
2.5 gal.                $64.95                                         5 gal.     $119.90

EQ Body Wash Shampoo Plus
The same great formula as EQ Body Wash with added thickness for quick and easy cleaning & conditioning of the mane and tail. All natural formula won't irritate sensitive skin.

32 oz.                 $19.95

EQ Dog & Cat Shampoo Pets are easily stressed by chemical exposure and many pet shampoos irritate their sensitive tissues and senses - but not EQ! All natural and safe, EQ Dog & Cat Shampoo provides excellent soil and odor removal without leaving behind synthetic residues that can cause itching, flaking and other allergic reactions. It even removes sour and musty coat odors! For a silky and smooth coat, EQ Dog & Cat Shampoo's special formula contains jojoba oil, a naturally occurring nut oil that is an excellent source of vitamin E.
16 oz.                 $9.95                                            1 gal.       $39.95

EQ Soil Release
Say goodbye to trips to the car wash or dry cleaners to clean your saddle pads and blankets! With this great multi-purpose product you can effectively clean your saddle pads, blankets, sheets, splint boots, stalls, trailer interiors, floors, mats and more - at home! The solution's powerful hyperactive cleaning particles penetrate and lift hydrocarbon soils such as fats, oils, greases, proteins and sugars for a deep down clean. Can be used with the
EQ Foaming Tool or in a diluted solution to soak articles overnight. Either way, you see new life in all your equipment with no muss, no fuss!

32 oz w/ Foamer    $12.95                                     1 gal.        $  29.95
 2.5 gal.                  $64.95                                     5 gal.        $119.90

EQ Ready 2 Show
This groundbreaking spray-on, leave-in coat, mane and tail conditioner provides unsurpassed luster and manageability for all coat types. Composed of natural plant based oils and surfactants, Ready 2 Show enhances the coat's natural radiance and definition to showcase the beauty of your horses or livestock. Effectively aids hair follicles in resisting dust and dirt from holding pens and show arenas, so your animals look their best throughout the entire show, not just the 5 minutes after they are groomed! Once applied, a smooth glossy finish will persist on the animal for several days. Rinses out with water.

32 oz. spray bottle  $19.95                                     1 gal.         $49.95

EQ 3 Away
A favorite among cattle fitters, EQ 3 Away is a safe and effective solvent for removing all animal grooming aids containing adhesives, silicones, dried lubricants and  fuels, latex and acrylic paints, urethane sealants,
gum, epoxy and more. Environmentally and user safe, this plant based solvent effectively replaces hazardous materials currently in use without changing procedures or equipment.
32 oz. spray bottle

EQ Wall Mount Foaming Unit

Designed to be used as either a portable or permanent wash station, the Wall Unit
allows you to wash multiple animals or trailers without stopping! Features a two
line system to accommodate the use of two different solutions. Stainless steel with
6' feed line and 25' hose with detachable nozzle. Convenient shut off switch controls

both product and waterflow.
Backed by a
one-year warranty.
1 unit                       $299.00


EQ is the #1 Solution

for all your cleaning needs! For Trucks and Trailers...

EQ Truck and Trailer Wash
This special pH adjusted solution for cleaning aluminum or steel takes your truck and trailer from blah to beautiful! Safe for plastics, decals, paint, rubber and vinyl too! Because it is not a detergent or soap it will not cause hydrogen
embrittlement of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. Regular use of EQ Truck & Trailer wash will eliminate the need to have your aluminum trailer acidized in order to remove corrosion and protect your trailer from future corrosion. Non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-caustic. Safe and effective for all your truck and trailer cleaning needs.
32 oz w/ Foamer    $12.95                                     1 gal.        $  29.95
2.5 gal.                   $64.95                                     5 gal.        $119.90

EQ Kwik Brite Blue I
Highly concentrated aluminum brightening acid cleaner for a wide variety of truck and equipment cleaning. EQ Kwik Brite Blue I is not safe on glass or polished aluminum. EQ Kwik Brite Blue I can be used in a wide range of dilutions depending on the machine dispenser or injection system. No warranty expressed or implied as to the use of this product beyond the label instructions. Buyer assumes all risk of use and/or handling of this material.

1 gal.                     $  29.95                                     2.5 gal.        $64.95
5 gal.                     $119.90

EQ Red Kwik Wash II
Opens pores of soft metal, providing unmatched cleaning results for aluminum trailers. Contains sodium metasilicate and a surface brightener. Can be used undiluted for safe and effective degreasing and used diluted with water for cleaning painted or polished surfaces. Apply with the EQ Foaming Tool or a pressure washer.  Let the product dwell, agitate if necessary and rinse with clean water. EQ Red Kwik Wash II will not cause hydrogen embrittlement of aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

1 gal.                     $  29.95                                     2.5 gal.        $64.95
5 gal.                     $119.90


Duralite Portable Corral
The most unique portable corral on the market today!  The corral's aircraft aluminum panels fold up like an accordion for easy storage on the side of your trailer in less than 5 minutes. Lightweight - just 82 lbs!  Great for weekend shows or recreational trail rides where portability and convenience are key. 8 panels, finished corral size 16’ diameter.  Backed by a two year warranty.
Set of 8 panels           $699.95

Ordering from EQ Solutions is RISK-FREE. We absolutely insist that you be completely satisfied. If you discover our products are not what you expected, return it and we'll refund your money. All we ask is that you tell us why so we can improve our service to our valued customers.

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