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Simme Valley has show quality heifers, bred heifers, and bulls for sale.


Cattle for Sale:
Simme Valley consigns show-quality heifers and herd-building genetics to the Gettysburg Stars & Stripes Sale  to be held 1st Saturday in May,  Gettysburg, Pa;  and we sell private treaty off the farm. See our prices below.


Donor cows, B&B Miss Power Lass K1, SS Nadine, and CLO Sweet Sensation: 

                        Lass pictured at 8 years old
B&B Miss Power Lass K1 (deceased)
Power Stroke x TJF Tom Girl H52 (black Tom Cat)
Homozygous Polled, Heterozygous Black
Flushed in coop with Hudson Pines Farm 
Lass, pictured 4/20/10 at the age of 10  



CLO Sweet Sensation 704R
War Diva x Too Red





SS Nadine  (deceased)
Joker X SVJ Breathtaker

  Was flushed in coop with Hudson Pines Farm




                      OPEN HEIFERS - 2020 and BRED YEARLINGS
  811H Hot Tamale 2/1/20   Mack 811U (Trademk x DesaRae) Red $8,000
  E81H Red Hots 1/1/20   Red Answer 811E Eye Candy (Mack) Red - Blz $5,000
  F60H Hi-Anna 1/2/20   20-20 D60F FreAnna (Ex Order) Black $5,000
  X60H Hi-Stepper 1/27/20   Two Step U60X (Gr Master x Macho) Black $5,000
  F32H Hell Fire 2/1/20   Bankroll 322F Firecracker (Mack) Red $5,000
  TC3H Halleluja 2/1/20   Classified 3TC (TY x Perfector) Black Blz $3,500
  ZD3H Hanalei 2/16/20   Innocent Man Z3D Dizzy (TY x Gr Master) Black $3,500
  474G Gidget 1/4/19   Entourage 474D - Two Step x 74 Donor Blk - wh on bellie $5,000
  Z3G GiZi 1/26/19   Innocent Man 3TZ - Gr Mastr x Perfector Black $3,500
  TC3G Galypso 1/27/19   Classified 3TC - TY x Perfector Black $3,500
  SD3G Glamour 2/2/19   Pays to Believe S3D - TY x Macho Blk - wh on bellie $5,000
  X3G Gotcha 2/6/19   Shock Force Donor K1 Lass  Red Blaze - 2 wh ft $5,000
  5G WickedGlitzy 3/6/19   Classified 5W - RchHnd x Macho Black $5,000
    FALL HFRS            
  ZC9F Firebird 9/19/18 750 Mack RZ9C Game On x LR9Z Red w/ black heifer $6,000
                 SPRING BULLS          PRICE
  EarTag BULLS BORN 8/1 SIRE DAM COLOR as of 8/1



  Ear Tag Heifer Names BORN   SIRE DAM COLOR PRICE



Juniors & Breeders - don't miss out on this opportunity to puchase a Simme Valley show quality 
  heifer or addition to your breeding herd for a price that will fit your budget!  

  We offer PICK OF the spring AI HEIFER CALVES from birth to May 1st for $4000

                   Also Pick of Herdsire calves in pasture thru June 1st for $1850


Simme Valley FiFi

Owned and Shown by:  Sierra Brown, Chemung County 2019 Supreme Champion

Simme Valley Hunk Z3E
Owned and Shown by:  Sierra Brown
also Owned and Shown Simme Valley Evie

Simme Valley FiFi
Owned and Shown by Sierra Brown, fall 2018


Pierre Allard, New Hampshire
"We are home from our very first show. Both Pierre and Simme Valley Yatzee had a great time!!! The first class was on Thursday and it was spring heifer open, this class had one other entry, and Pierre and Yatzee won this class. Pierre was now floating on air!!! He had great fun just playing and sitting with Yatzee - its of bonding time........ and boy did they BOND!! Even the Judge commented during Sundays class how obvious it was that the boy really loved this cow, and how the heifer loved the boy even more. It is so true she is just the sweetest cow!!! Pierre would sit with her and she would just snuggle in with him, and he was happy to just snuggle back. They were so cute to watch the news paper even took a couple of photos if they print them I will send you one.
I also spoke with the gentleman that owned the spring calf that was in the open class with Yatzee, and told him how great you were and That you had some super spectacular cows! I told him you chose Yatzee for Pierre for temperament and it was obvious how great that was!! He did mention giving you a call, so you quite possibly will be hearing from him very soon.
So This show although very long was great!!!  Thanks so much for everything!!!"
Arlene, Pierre Allard & Yatzee


           Samantha Hunsinger, Pa.

"I want to really thank you for allowing us to purchase her (Simme Valley Yowza). Samantha just loves her and can't wait to come and see her again. Here is a couple of pics that I took that day."
Thank you again, Jennifer Hunsinger





                            Clayton Phelps, N.Y.

Clayton Phelps with Simme Valley Masterpiece.  Wayne County Fair Supreme Champion Over All Breeds, Calf Champion at the NYSF Supreme Champion Show, and Calf Champion of the NYSF Simmental Show.






BULLS: - Semen

Simme Valley MACHO As U
+ The Next Big Thing +
ASA #2178168
Semen available $20/unit

'04 KILE, Harrisburg, Pa.
        Grand Champion

'03 & '04 NYSF, Syracuse, NY
        Grand Champion

'04 ENLE, Timonium, Md
        Reserve Division Champion

'04 Sweepstakes, Louisville, Ky
        Reserve Senior Division

'03 NAILE, Louisville, Ky
        Division Champion

'03 KILE, Harrisburg, Pa.
        Reserve Grand Champion

'03 ENLE, Timonium, Md.
        Grand Champion 

 Sire:  HC Power Drive X Triple C Sweet As U (600U x Sweetheart)
Born:  9-29-02     BW:  89#       Yearling Frame:  5.6     Yearling Weight:  1205#

ASA #2178168

CE 12.7 (top 3% TRAIT LEADER!)  BW  -3.4 (top1% - TRAIT LEADER!)      WW 10     YW  33
MCE  4.5 (top 30%)   MM  9.4 (top 15%)      MWW  14.5  
STAY 24.2 (top 4%)    API  119 (top 15%)    TI  52

Two steers on the Cornell Univ. Value Discovery Feedout Program were the highest profit steers, harvested at 14 months old with an average weight of 1368# , average REA of 17.1 and an ADG of 4.01#.

Breed your purebreds for replacements and crossbreds for club calf dams.  If you have been using Meyer 734 - here's a replacement at an affordable price.

Semen available - $20/unit minimum 5 - at Simme Valley or:

Genetic Horizons SEK - 1-800-443-6389


                                                         Macho at 2 years old - 2004 KILE Grand Champion
                                                        (click to see full size picture and pasture pictures)                      

BULLS: A Macho bull calf on the 2007/2008 NY Bull Test was the top indexing Continental and 2nd overall bull, we retained him to use on our herd.   A Macho bull calf in the 2006/2007 NY Bull Sale was the top Indexing Continental and sold for $2050. We had the 3rd high gaining bull Over All Breeds in 2005/2006 NY Bull Test, the high gaining Continental bull & 2nd Overall Breeds on the 2004/2005 NY Bull Test, and the high gaining bull of all breeds on the 2000/2001 N.Y. Bull Test.
Don't miss out on your chance to pick a bull calf out of our calf crop during the summer. 

Pick of Herdsire calves in pasture thru June 1st

STEERS:  Pick of our calf crop of steers, during the summer.  We will halter break and clip for youth.

                         We have mature cows that we would price individually.       

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     Cattle for Sale 

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