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Satisfied customers are our main concern.

Previous Buyers: We wish to say thanks to those who purchased our cattle:


                                                                   Simme Valley U Go Girl, pictured at 11 years of age.  Purchased by:
                                                                           Mitch Jones, Canada 9 years ago.


Simme Valley FiFi - Lover Boy x SV TY - 1-2-18
Sold to:  Sierra Brown


Simme Valley Black Ice (pictured) & Bada-Bing & Bonanza
All sired by:  Simme Valley TY
sold to:  Chris & Christopher Cornelius

Simme Valley ZIPPER

JF Milestone x CLO Sweet Sensation (War Diva)
Senior Calf Champion Illinois State Fair
Sold to and exhibited by:  HAEFNER SALE CATTLE, Ryan & Megan Haefner

Simme Valley Zsa Zsa
Supreme Champion Simmental Female
2-9-12 Sire:  Grandmaster   Dam:  MVF Isabelle
Sold to:  Bill Conley, Conley Angus, Clarksdale, Mo.




TUFTS UNIVERSITY School of Vet Medicines, Ma.
Scott Brundage, Farm Manager, purchased:

Simme Valley URA Macho, R9U, 2-18-08, sired by 3C Macho out of a SV Macho As U dam.
Simme Valley Tiva Twist, 74T, 9-22-07, sired by Trademark out of CLO Sweet Sensation ( a War Diva daughter)

4-22-10 - Mr Brundage visited our farm again and added another great heifer to the Tufts University program.  He picked our show heifer, Simme Valley Whimsical, 29PW, a yearling recently bred to CNS Dream On.  Whimsical was 2009 Reserve Calf Champion at NY State Fair.
6-15-10 The students of Tufts University awarded Scott Brundage $3000 to purchase a heifer from Simme Valley to be picked out soon:
    11-6-10 - Mr Brundage and Kaitlyn Tice returned to our farm and picked out:
Simme Valley Xpectation, 11X, 2/23/10, sired by Red Caesar out of a SV Macho As U dam.
Simme Valley Xclusive, 56X, 3/29/10, sired by SV Take Down out of a Powerline dam.

Clayton Phelps, Groveland, NY purchased:
Simme Valley Widget, T5W, 10/18/09, sired by Sands Ranch Hand out of SV Temptress.  Widget was Supreme Female at 2010 NYSF, and has already won Supreme OAB at 2011 Walton Show.
Pick of our calf crop, 30Y, Simme Valley Masterpiece, 1/27/11, sired by Grand Master out of a Dice dam.

Pierre Allard, Pittsburg, N.H. purchased:
Simme Valley Yatzee, 9W3Y, 1/15/11, sired by SV Macho As U, out of our donor dam B&B Miss Power Lass K1

Zachary Pysher, JMP Cattle Company, E. Stroudsburg, Pa, purchased:

Simme Valley Urma, 30U, out of our showstring at KILE 10/09.  Senior Calf Champion, 2009 NYSF
Sire:  SV Macho As U, 10/13/08


Simme Valley Xalena, 30X, out of the Pa. Fall Classic Sale, 10/10 - Calf Champion, 2010 NYSF
Sire:  SV Macho As U, 2/16/10 - full sibling to Urma.



  Thank You to our 2011 buyers:







Simme Valley XPLOSIVE (60X)
Born:  1/27/10
Sire:  Simme Valley Macho As U
Dam:  SS Nadine (Joker x SVF Breath Taker)
Calf:  Heifer, born 3/12/12, X60Z
Sire:  Grandmaster

Ricky Smithson, Whitehall, MD








Simme Valley Xodus (R27X)
Born:  3-13-10
Sire:  Simme Valley Take Down
            (Macho As U x SS Nadine)
Dam:  Simme Valley Rippin As U
Bred to SV Rex (Grandmaster)

Broadway, VA











Simme Valley Turn It Up (32T)
Born:  2/25/07
Sire:  Ellingson Blackperfector
Dam:  Circle S Eola 232J
Calf:  BULL born 2/11/12
Sire:  Dream On

Joey Chandler, Marissa, IL








Simme Valley Wynter (HK9W)
Born:  1/24/09
Sire:  WS Beef Maker R13
Dam:  Simme Valley Katinka (Subzero)
Calf:  Heifer born 2/1/12
Sire:  Entourage

Woodstown, NJ








Simme Valley Xplore (13X)
Born:  2/11/10
Sire:  BMR Explorer
Dam:  HPF Ms Rosie U113
Calf:  Bull born 2/15/12
Sire:  WS Beef Maker

Alan Belcher, Ararat, NC






Simme Valley Xpression (S70X) 75%
Born:  3/3/10
Sire:  LECC Dice P3
Dam:  THC Miss Mary S70
        (Lemmon Finishline P133)
Bred to SV Rex (Grandmaster)

Hegins, PA




Thank You to our 2011 buyers:

EMBRYOS:   Out of our donor cows:
B&B Miss Power Lass K1 by Grand Master, sold to repeat buyer Jim Rathwell,
So Carolina
SS Nadine by Upgrade sold to Dean Wittrig, Garden City, Missouri
EBS Savannah Gina by Ever Ready sold to Tim Guttridge, Lebanon, Pa. 


Simme Valley WISDOM - 60W    1-29-09 - Sold to John Snider, Lexington, NE.
Sire:  Simme Valley Macho As U    Dam:  SS Nadine (Joker x Breath Taker)
Ranch Hand Heifer Calf, born 2-24-11  - Pictured taken 1 week after calving

Simme Valley WILDFIRE - S29W    2-3-09 (full sib sold to Oliver Perry, OK) - sold to Mitch Jones, AB, Canada
Sire:  WS Beef Maker R13    Dam:  Simme Valley Secret (Macho As U)
Amigo bull calf born 1-30-11

Simme Valley U GO GIRL - 18U    1-31-08 - sold to Mitch Jones, AB, Canada
Sire:  Simme Valley Macho As U    Dam:  HPF Ms Stereo P018 (GW Lucky Dice)   
SS Ebonys Grandmaster Bull Calf born 2-6-11

Simme Valley WEDNESDAY - HN9W    2-11-09 - sold to Kenneth Loht, McClure, Pa.
Sire:  Sand Ranch Hand     Dam:  Simme Valley Nicolette (HC Power Drive)   
WS Beef Maker Red Heifer Calf born 1-15-11


Simme Valley Watcha Doin - 3W (ET)    10-14-09 - sold to Fritz Kieckhefer, Simpsonville, KY.
Sire:  SVF/NJC Built Right N48 x B&B Miss Power Lass K1 (WLE Power Stroke x TJF Tom Girl H52)
Bred 12-9-10 to Simme Valley Macho As U

Simme Valley WHOOPI - 74W    11-07-09 - sold to Elm Side Farm, Art Reynolds, Walton, NY (repeat buyer)
Sire:  Simme Valley Macho As U     Dam:  CLO Sweet Sensation 704R (STF Too Red x War Diva M704)
Bred 12-11-10 to Trademark
Full sib sold to Darin & Annette Smith







Simme Valley Winsome, 11-5-09 - Purchased by Haley Farms, Ohio
Sire:  Simme Valley Macho As U      Dam:  CLO Rita 77R (Crossfire)
Show Prospect

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