Simme Valley MACHO As U
ASA #2,178168

+ The Next Big Thing +

MACHO, 2 years old, at Keystone International Livestock Expo.  Judge Bill Conley, Conley Angus, Missouri, said,
"I loved him as a calf, but he is a better 2-year old than I could imagine.  For the breed, he is the biggest butted, cleanest fronted, deepest, big ribbed, big footed bull I've seen.  I plan on breeding some of my fall calvers to him."  "He could be Meyers 734's replacement!"

Sire:  HC Power Drive X Triple C Sweet As U (600U x Sweetheart)
Born:  9-29-02     BW:  89#       Yearling Frame:  5.6     Yearling Weight:  1205#

CE 12.1 (top 4%)   BW  -3.7 (top1% - TRAIT LEADER!)      WW 10     YW  37
MCE  4.4 (top 20%)   MM  9.3 (top 15%)      MWW  14.4  
CW -13     YG -0.03 (top 30%)    MB .13       BF .03      REA .14 (top 30%)
STAY 23 (top 5%)    API  125 (top 1%)    TI  57

Two steers on the Cornell Univ. Value Discovery Feedout Program were the highest profit steers, harvested at 14 months old with an average weight of 1368# , average REA of 17.1 and an ADG of 4.01#.

Semen available $20/unit

Pasture condition on 11-13-04, weighed 2000#, 54" tall, with a 20.2" ribeye: